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Boralin 4 - dietary supplement

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The total aqueous extract of Tribulus terrestris purifies cardiovascular system holesterinovite plates, enhances blood circulation, strengthens immunity.

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The total aqueous extract of Tribulus terrestris purifies cardiovascular system holesterinovite plates, enhances blood circulation, strengthens immunity. For centuries, the herb is known aphrodisiac, available at infertility, prostate disease, impotence remedy mastopathies, spikes and more. The combination of Hypericum perforatum (St. Johns wort) rejuvenates the nervous system, improves memory and raises self-esteem. Boralin-4 is suitable for stable post-stroke conditions, brain, nervous and mental diseases, as well as discal hernia, spondylarthrosis, neurological pain. Problems with your stomach, take the scheme applied 15 minutes before eating.






high Cholesterol

All preparations series quotations tend to clear the cholesterol plaques and normal levels of triglycerides in the blood. This is due to the FS that are pharmacologically the most important ingredient of the composition of the Tribulus terrestris. The combination with other herbs enhances their effect against a broad range of diseases.



According healer Nikolov, in most cases, the spikes are not bone and cholesterol formations. Boralin makes the process of their formation reversible. In cases of exostosis spine apply rate with quotations-4. In lesions in the joints of the limbs - Boralin-8.


spinal diseases

Properties quotations 4 to remove the exostosis and restore blood flow, provide relief for most degenerative spinal diseases. When a herniated disc, for example, is gradually recovering cartilage, connective tissue plate connecting the vertebrae.


neurological diseases

Boralin-4 has potent anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect, especially valuable in neuritis, polyneuritis, sciatica, plexopathy, radiculitis and others.


Stabilized post-stroke conditions

The combination Tribulus terrestris and Hypericum perforatum is particularly suitable for overcoming the consequences after a stroke and reduce the risk of subsequent. Due to the strong action of the preparation is not applicable in the acute period.


stomach Problems

The overall strength of blood circulation in the body to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, improves secretion, relieves inflammation. Patients reported relief from ulcers and colitis. It is 15 minutes before eating.



According healer Nikolov, the most common cause of formation of painful lumps (benign) in the mammary glands were abnormal fat exchange. In such cases Boralin-4 applies in the week before the cycle.



Boralin improves blood flow of the endocrine glands, which leads to the normalization levels of hormones responsible for the absorption of calcium. Admission is combined with foods and natural supplements rich in calcium, vitamins D and C.



If the cause of infertility is hormonal, quotations can help. Drink in the week before the cycle. When fertilization occurs, the intake quotations should be discontinued immediately. In men improve spermatogenesis and potency.


Enlarged prostate and impotence

General stimulation of the blood circulation affect the length and quality of erections. Boralin-4 normalize the size of the prostate gland and symptoms of dysuria subside. If the problem is combined with a kidney disease, is administered Boralin-8.






0, 5 L - 21 doses

Tribulus terrestris (80%)

Hypericum perforatum (20%)

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